Nature Speaks

I’ve written a lot about the trail behind my house in Moss Beach that I visit almost daily. I’ve fallen in love with the ocean and the shrubs, trees and backdrop of the mountains that make up all shades of green. It has become my sacred space where I can take time out of my hectic life to connect with nature every day.

After work, on my walks that are usually accompanied by my dog, I’ve made it a ritual to send healing to the ocean, as well as the 4 directions when I’m there. I’ve used energy healing to work on injured creatures, and I make it a point to work on every living being that I encounter that lives there. I pick up other people’s trash that is dangerously close to being blown into the ocean—usually plastic bags, cigarette butts, cans and candy wrappers. On my walk home, I always make it a point to stop to greet and connect with a lone Cypress tree that’s close to the cliff bluff’s edge.

I’ve done this out of love for nature and a desire to protect it. As a result, I’ve developed and grown an amazing relationship with the area. Birds greet me, wasps and mosquitos no longer try to sting or bite me, and it’s as if the entire area celebrates my arrival when I show up. I’ve literally formed a friendship with the forces of the place.

My first “sign” of a response was when a raven showed up one day to help me project my energy when I was working on sending healing to the ocean. I’ve also had flocks of them show up and fly over and disperse over the area. Then the whales would show up and start breaching in the areas of the water where I would focus my distance healing. Butterflies would circle over my head, and birds started singing a special song for me. I say special song, because when I would sing it first, the entire trail would echo the song back, each bird taking its turn.


And then the birds started talking to me. Every evening, after doing my “work”, a little sparrow would show up and start chirping at me. At first, I thought I was crazy, but it would follow me along my walk from tree to tree, or it would fly from one shrub to another, urgently chirping along my side. The little dude was not giving up and wanted me to pay attention. Tuning in, I felt so much gratitude and love from it. It was trying to say “thank you”, and I was so touched I cried. One day, after days of this, along with the gratitude a little finch said that there was a message coming, a sign. This went on for weeks, and then months—I would walk the trail, and a bird would show up following me around and chirping urgently at me until I paid attention to it. Most of the time, it would get close enough for me to be able to reach out and touch it. I never did for fear that I would scare it away. I started to get a little frustrated because the same message kept coming in, but nothing was happening.

Until I met the owls…

See “The Owls” next.

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