About Me

When I was a child, way before caller ID, I always knew who was calling the moment the phone rang. I would also have frequent prophetic dreams about situations and incidents before they occurred. I knew how to get around certain places that I had never visited because I had been there in a dream before, or I would freak out my friends by finishing their sentences because I had dreamt our conversation the night before it took place in physical reality.

At 19 years old, I signed up for a college course called “Native American Way of Life”. This class changed my life and opened the door to spirituality and mysticism for me. One of the books that we were required to read was Carlos Castaneda’s Journey to Ixtlan. In addition to teaching us about energy and mindfulness, our teacher also taught us about meditation. The better my meditation practice got, the more “doors” opened up for me. My intuition became clearer, but I also had some terrifying paranormal experiences that made me stop meditating for a few years, including plants violently shaking in my presence, entities that would come into my room and knock over my things, and out of body experiences. Because I didn’t understand what was happening then, I stopped meditating for a few years.

I resumed my meditation practice when I reconnected with my amazing college teacher, and from there, synchronicity brought me more opportunities to grow on my journey to self-discovery. I became an Angelic Reiki Master in 2015 after a couple of years of working with the angels. I was introduced to the spiritual and eco-community of Damanhur in 2012 and began to take as many of the courses that they offered in the Bay Area as I could, and I finally visited the Temples of Humankind in Italy in 2017, where I became an initiate in their School of Meditation.

Professionally, I left a corporate recruiting career in the tech industry (that included working for 3 Fortune 500 companies as a global leader) to work with people and animals in the healing space. I love helping other corporate professionals find their calling, develop their gifts and learn how to bring balance to their lives. 

Much love,