Janie M. in Oregon

January 12, 2019

“In Praise of Nadine as a healer: I am an older woman whose nervous system is declining and not working correctly.  I had gotten so bad that I could not even climb 2 steps as one foot did not want to lift after the other one.  I contacted Nadine for a distant healing.  Right after she sent me healing I had no trouble going up steps!! It was like a  miracle and here it is maybe 8 months and still no problem!!  Thank you Nadine!!!!”

Faysal A. in California

February 13, 2019

“One day I got bit by a dog. I was in so much pain, it was difficult to walk. As I saw Nadine she immediately sensed something about me was off.

I told Nadine what happened and she was drawn to the part of my body where the bite had occurred. In less than a minute of Nadine doing her magic, I felt almost 100% better. Not only physical but emotionally. I was so fixated on the physical aspect of the dogbite I didn’t realize how traumatized I was emotionally from the bite. But Nadine saw the multiple levels that can take affect on a person.  

Nadine’s intuition, open heartedness and desire to be of service to people, shines bright everywhere she goes.”